Information Questionnaire

Qualities of a Kangal Dog


The United Kennel Club registers Kangal dogs in the U.S.  The UKC has established the official 'Standard' for the breed.  This can be seen at  In addition to these traits, after discussing what defines an exceptional Kangal with owners around the world, we believe that Kangal Dogs should also exhibit the following characteristics.  These are the characteristics we strive to produce with the breeding of our dogs.

1.     Trustworthy with their flock when mature - low prey drive; appropriate activity level for their age and job; maternal or protective behavior towards other species.

2.     Protective and attentive of their flock – remain with their flock; suspicious of unfamiliar intruders or changes in the environment; courageous and confident enough to be willing to physically defend their flock.

3.     Form cooperative bond with their working pack, other inhabitants of their home, and their handlers - should be able to work with other non-competing dogs; recognize and be friendly with animals and people that reside with them or visit regularly; and form a working relationship with their handlers that includes responding to commands.

4.     Intelligent - problem solvers; discern between real and apparent threats; balance survival with defense of flock and property;

5.     Independent - can make decisions on their own when necessary.

 We raise Kangal dogs to protect our ranch and out of true love for the breed.   To do this we have imported breeding dogs from sound working lines in Turkey to help maintain a healthy gene pool and preserve the original traits of this breed that were developed over thousands of years.  We plan to breed puppies primarily to supply our needs for dogs and occasionally we may have puppies available to qualified homes.

 Puppy Placement Questionnaire

If you are interested in working with us to obtain a Kangal dog, we request that you complete the following questionnaire and preferably email it to us, or if this is not possible, post it.  These dogs are very unique and precious and this questionnaire is designed to help place the right dog in the right home for the benefit of the dog, you, and us so please answer the questions as completely and honestly as you can.  Thank you in advance for putting the effort into completing it.


1.     Name:



2.     Mailing and Physical Address:



3.     Email Address:


4.     Web Page if available:


5.     Facebook contact information if available:


6.     Primary Phone Number:


7.     Mobile Number:


8.     How did you first find out about us:





9.     How did you learn about Kangal dogs:





10.  Why are you interested in owning a Kangal Dog:






11.  Do you prefer a male or female dog and why:

12.  Please explain what role(s) you expect your Kangal dog to fill:





13.  What dogs do you currently have:






14.  What dogs have you had in the past:





15.   Describe where the dog will be kept and how you will keep it secure there:






16.  Describe the area in which you live:






17.  How will you train and socialize this dog:






18.  When you take this dog off your property, what methods will you use to transport and handle it:






19.  How much, how often, and what kind of exercise will your dog get:





20.  What do you plan to feed this dog and how will you determine how much food it will be fed:





21.  How do you feel about spaying/neutering this dog:





22.  Please provide the name and contact information for your primary veterinarian:






23.  Please provide the names and contact info of references not related to you, that are familiar with your animals, that we can contact:







24.    Would you be willing to join the Kangal Dog Club of America: