Katahdin Sheep

We raise a breed of sheep called Katahdin which are named after a beautiful mountain in Maine.  We are just learning about these animals but from the experience we do have, I can say they are a very easy to care for and productive animal.

The are a relatively new breed of hair sheep that sheds their wool.  This makes caring for them much easier.  They were bred originally for the dual purpose of providing meat, but also for controlling vegetation.  From experience I can say that they are terrific at helping to manage vegetation.  We use them to control Himalayan blackberry, an extremely fast growing exotic plant that can take over just about anyplace the seeds land.  We've successfully grazed our sheep to control invasive plants around newly planted conifer trees as well.

We care for all of our sheep with kindness, raising them on ample pasture and allowing them to graze as naturally as possible.  We do not dock tails (don't need to with the shedding) or castrate.  We feed only natural forage and hay and use grain as a "treat" when we move them or want to help a nursing ewe keep well fed during the spring.  Typically our ewes have twins or triplets, producing a large crop of lambs once a year.  It is possible to have more breedings per year, but this satisfies our need to produce lambs and we feel is healthier for the flock.

This is Martini, our ram.  He is an excellent fellow, very gentle with us and a beautiful animal.